Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thankful and Happy

When I woke up this morning at 7am I remained as still as a doormat. I braced myself then tentatively wiggled my left foot....nothing felt. My hand..nothing to note. No. Bloody hell, I couldn't believe it. I sat up and swivelled around with my feet on the floor. I stood up. Only a small ache. Fucking hell a miracle. I was so excited to tell Mrs K. I am going to buy a T-shirt with the words "I love Steroids" as it is a miracle drug! I felt so much joy. I have been off work for a while now virtually bed bound. I cannot describe how bad the pain has been in my hand, wrist, shoulder, ankle, foot, neck...etc.... I have been waking in the night and crying because of the pain and my inability to reach the painkillers without being in more pain. I have even struggled to wipe my own bum clean after using the toilet. I have been scared about my loss of independence. I saw a rheumatologist yesterday. yes I have inflammatory arthritis. yes I am starting a drug in 2 weeks - a low dose of a chemo drug - which I will have to take for years and am not allowed to drink. hey I will be a tee- totaller, But he gave me a jab yesterday of steroids It has taken away my pain. And I feel hopeful and lucky and happy... because + my pain has lessened so there is not reason why I can't continue to be pain free and get my life back + he does not think it is rheumatoid arthritis which would be a worse form of arthritis + I am lucky I haven't got anything more serious or debilitating. And I cant wait to get a back to work. work is important to mental well being. So hoorah to being pain free and independent.


Rosymosie said...

Glad it's working Kahless. Would hate to have you bed bound when I am UK bound and looking forward to catching up with you and Mrs. K.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kahless.
I am late as usual, but not too late to wish you and Mrs. K. a Merry Christmas!
I am sorry to hear that you fell ill and had to suffer serious payne, but it seems to be over and be taken care of - even when the price is to be teetotalling! Good to see you back on yer feet (literally)!

Random Reflections said...

Hi Kahless - Sorry for taking so long to drop by. I am pleased that things are getting better for you, and I hope you had a really great Christmas!

Take care xx

Lynx217 said...

was just thinking of you and how long it's been. I hope you're still feeling better.

Kahless said...

Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately the effect of the steroid jab lasted one day before the pain came rushing back. I am on a drug combo now which means i am a lot better than i was. It also means that i have got back to work on a part time basis.
Things are tough but i am ploughing on.

Ethereal Highway said...

How are you now?

Kahless said...

I am not bad - 2013 is certainly turning into a roller coaster. I pop a multitude of drugs to keep my Rheumatoid arthritis under control - at last count I take at least 55 tablets a week, more if I am popping the pain killers. But I am dealing with it. As you know, I have lost both of my beloved doggies; Holly in May and Ben in July - which has left both Mrs K and I heartbroken. We have decided that we wont get anymore dogs until I retire. And then there's work. A few weeks ago I looked around and realised how unfulfilled I am in my current job, so I got myself another one. (well almost, I have a final interview on Tuesday but I am the preferred candidate.) So all being well, Mrs K and I are upping sticks and moving to London! We are going to swap a rural life for a city life and live in a shoebox in the heart of the city! Its all happening very quickly. My new job is a promotion and I will travel the world one week in four, mainly south America and Asia.

So we are so busy trying to sort everything out. I just need my health to stand up to it all, fingers crossed.
K. xxxx.