Sunday, 9 February 2014

Been a long time

Yes. Here is a quick catch-up.

Didn't get back to work full time until April 2013. The rheumatoid Arthritis is a bugger but controlled by drugs. I have had to stop physical activity like DIY. My wrists are not that strong and hurt easily. We lost our beloved Holly in May and our beloved Ben in July. We are still grieving them. Ben actually visited me in my dream last night and it was wonderful.   The day i retire is the day we will get more dogs.   Being off sick made me realise i wanted to get more joy from work. So i changed job, the house is up for sale and we are moving to London. I now spend a week a month abroad. I have visited Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata so far. Malaysia in a few weeks.  i am working really hard but i love my new job. And now i realise how unhappy i was in my last one. 
So i am not intending on writing prolifically, but maybe i will post a short vid from each trip. 
Keep up the good fight my friends. Sometimes life is cruel and a bitch, but try and keep putting your best foot forward. 
Here is a short drive in Kolkata.


Kahless said...

Apologies, cant work out how to post video. Grrr.

Kahless said...

Maybe it is now posted? But needs to be rotated 90deg.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that Holly and Ben died.

The other news do sound good - like working drugs, interesting new job and jump into London town.
I like the Kolkata clip, everybody seems to lean on the horn first, even before the coach is rolling.
I hope you can show another small clip now and then. Hey - it is good to hear from you !